Saturday, February 7, 2009

The part that made me laugh the hardest

Toward the end of the book Zippy was discussing Christmas and trees. She was talking about the silver tinsel tree they used every year. First, I think we actually had one of these. I seem to remember it from pictures. Am I remembering correctly? But, the part that made me laugh was when her sister explained to her date that the tree was still up in March because her mother wanted to take a picture and was just waiting to get some film. This seemed so typical Holland - definitely something I would do (and you all can try to deny it but I'm sure everyone one of us has done something like this.) I definitely laughed outloud.

Overall, I didn't think this was a GREAT book but it was easy to read in short sittings (while at Kumon, sitting in the car when we arrive early to dance class, during gymnastics, etc.) And there were parts that were genuinely funny and brought back similar memories.

I'll post another one later. Post soon about this book and suggestions for the next. We leave for the cruise tomorrow so I won't be on for a while.

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  1. There were several parts that I related to our family. The stories of Zippy being adopted from the gypsies. That reminded me that Bernie convinced Samantha that she was adopted too.

    I thought it was funny that the parents went along with the story and even elaborated on it.