Tuesday, February 3, 2009

36 dog discussion

What does everyone think of the 36 dogs???

I thought it was silly to bring in all those coon dogs to show Mr. Reed that Zippy's 2 dogs were not that loud? I thought it was hilarious. Does everyone else laugh a lot during the book or is it just me? I am enjoying it. I didn't like the boy with the rabbit. I like that i can skip around. Love Mom

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  1. There were several parts of the book that I thought were a little unbelieveable. One was bringing in all the dogs for the night and the other one was the weird neighbor lady who stalks Zippy.

    Could these things be distorted childhood memories? Like, maybe there weren't that many dogs brought to the house and maybe she exaggerated the neighbor for comic effect or her memory makes her out to be more menacing than she was. It seems like a story that kids make up, like a witch living in an old house.

    I'm sure there must have been people/neighbors that we had stories about when we were kids that were a bit distorted. Can anyone think of any?